I hit my 50’s running with bigger earrings and brighter lipstick and my love of fashion just grew!

A wife of 32 years and a mum of three adults (but they’ll always be my babies). My past has revolved around running my own businesses in hair and beauty but once I discovered holistic therapies I became addicted to encouraging people to try alternative therapies and nutrition. I’ve always loved fashion but love wearing things that make me feel good whether they’re right for the season or not.

I intend to include articles on my favourite shops, styles, health and beauty and hope that what I feature will appeal to all ages.

A proud Manchester lass who’s too tall to be able to pick trousers/jeans off the rail and also blessed with big feet (so guilty of a large carbon footprint) ;0)

Thanks for taking time to read my blog and please bear with me, I’m a newby to all this!