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Hello again and hope you’re all doing well. I thought I’d keep to the active theme as I think this is what we’ve all been focusing on during the lockdowns. It’s been so good to see so many of you appreciating the great outdoors with plenty of walking on the agenda. Nature has certainly played her part in keeping our spirits up. Weekends have been more of an adventure, discovering some beautiful places right on our doorstep and certainly achieving our FitBit steps.

Whilst enjoying a more outdoor life I felt it was the perfect time to talk about an amazing family run business called Tog24. They specialise in outdoorwear that can take you from the hills to the pub with ease. They provide everything from walking gear to the perfect ski holiday essentials, which I’m sure we’ll all be happy to get back to once travelling is permitted. They were founded in 1958 by a gentleman called Donald Ward who was based in West Yorkshire, you’ll spot the fun Yorkshire phrases that appear on their website. He’d started as a millwright, which is someone who maintains mill machinery. In this case, Donald repaired looms in the textile industry until the day he’d learnt enough to set up on his own. Their factory shop started out in Heckmondshire which was very successful allowing them to branch out further. They then started their own chain of stores, which are now selling from over 60 outlets around Britain and Ireland.

Tog24 represents everything that is quality and value whilst ensuring what they produce is the perfect choice for outdoors people like you and I. Their products are consistently designed and made using fabrics that are less damaging to our environment but always introducing new and better options. Their polyester is recycled, melted down from the most common PET (polythylene terephthalate), often found in plastic bottles. Once this is converted into recycled polyester it’s helped to prevent these bottles ending up in the landfill. The polyester they use is easy care, can be washed on lower temperatures therefore avoiding the need for dry cleaning. Tog24 also chooses to use sustainable cotton whilst creating their garments, this addresses many of the social, agronomic and environmental issues that the use of cotton causes. If you purchase one of their waterproof jackets, head to their website to see instructions on how to re-waterproof your coats after washing. That’s why I love Tog24 so much, all your outdoor needs are met!

This leads me to show you just a few of the things that are available from this amazing brand for Spring and Summer. You’ll find everything you need for you and your family for an outdoor life.

Firstly I thought I’d show you just a few of their S/S21 waterproofs, perfect for this time of year and easy to take anywhere with you in case of weather changes. Their jackets and coats come in many colours and cover sizes 8 – 24 and are all true to size and having both a Summer jacket and a Winter one I can highly recommend them.

The above packaway jacket packs away easily and without taking too much room.

Moving on to hoodies, fleeces, sweatshirts, joggers and activewear which are perfect to add to your Spring and Summer wardrobe. Keeping practicality within the styles with fun slogans, vibrant and up to date colours and style ranges. All part of a great range of loungewear and activewear.

They have an extensive range of footwear to suit all terrains and weathers. Their walking boots are a particular favourite, these unisex, waterproof boots and shoes come in a range of colours and guarantee comfort on your travels. You’ll also find comfortable sandals and flip-flops covering your Spring and Summer needs for when we get some glorious sunshine. I’ve listed a few options below but please check out the full range for your whole family.

Just to complete the list of outdoor needs I have included some essentials you may need for the perfect outdoor life. Everything linked to the Tog24 website where you will find many more things to choose from.

I’ve shared below a few photos of me wearing my favourite clothing from Tog 24, all still current favourites.

Thanks for reading and see you very soon!

Celine x

8 thoughts on “Walking through the Twenties with Tog 24

  1. That article has opened my eyes to Tog24. I always assumed the clothing was practical but dull – dark blues, blacks and grim green, how wrong was I. I love the short yellow pack away Mac and the pink coat to have on looks so nice and stylish. Who thought practical could look so pretty. Time to visit their website for a little online shopping. Thank you I learnt so much.


    1. Hi Ann, Tog24 is a fabulous brand with so much choice. I’m so glad reading this has introduced you to their great, up to date styles to help you feel stylish during your ourdoor adventures. Thanks for your feedback. Celine x


  2. Hi Celine! Thank you for sharing the history behind this sustainable outdoor brand. There is a wide variety of pieces available depending on your needs. I admire how the brand uses recycled materials in line with this year’s Earth Day mission to “restore the earth.” You look fabulous in the yellow Parkway Jacket!!


    1. Hi Barbie, they’re such a great brand and love that they use sustainable materials. The yellow jacket is perfect for Spring and the pink ski jacket has been perfect for my Winter walks. Thanks for reading. Celine x


  3. hi! I never heard about this brand so I appreciate you’re sharing it. Some beautiful pieces and that yellow jacket is fabulous. I’m a sucker for anything yellow!


    1. Hi Gwen, they’re such a wonderful family brand. I’m so glad my blog has introduced you to them. They really do have everything you need for an outdoor life and the quality is second to none. Lovely to meet you and thank you for reading. Celine x


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