Hello to my wonderful readers and welcome to 2021!

As it is a new year, I thought I’d do a bit of research to bring you information about activewear. Has exercise been one of your New Year resolutions and if so are you managing to keep it up? I was going to talk about exercise options while the gyms are closed but exercising is a personal choice and I’m sure you know what would be your best and most enjoyable activity. Whether it’s yoga, running or an online HIIT as long as we’re moving it doesn’t matter! All forms of exercise release endorphins that make us healthier and help us deal with stressful situations, all helping to increase our general health and well being.

I decided to cover some options of leisurewear from 2 of my favourite brands and one I discovered during my research. Looking online is great but talking to people about their preferences has given me a better idea of what is comfortable and things to look for to ensure longevity in what you choose. There is no better way of finding the perfect items than a recommendation so a huge thank you to all the people I spoke to. When looking for leggings suitable for your exercise you need to bear in mind that they will stretch over time so resist sizing up. Going for a bigger size may lead to them being too stretched and baggy over time. Look for a high waist with a good waistband that lies flat on the torso, avoiding it cutting into your waist. The top half is much easier but weigh up all your options and bear in mind things that might be important to you personally. For example, a pocket for your mobile or a longer length. The items I’ve recommended are versatile, good quality and comfortable to wear. Pieces that can take you from the exercise mat to the great outdoors, just add a hoodie, a pair of trainers, running shoes or walking boots and they’re perfect for whatever activity you choose.

Sustainable brands are something I look for and Asquith are a perfect example. Their sustainable yogawear includes pants are made from Bambor which is a blend of bamboo viscose, organic cotton and elastane. The organic cotton is ethically grown, chemical free and responsibly manufactured earning this brand its GOTS certification. Established in 1997 by a wonderful Turkish businesswoman, the 50-strong team work 8.5 hours a day, have their weekends off and get paid holiday pay. Most of the employees have been there for 10-25 years and everyone is over the age of 23 yrs old. Speaks volumes for a happy working environment.

The happy Asquith team

Asquith covers all your activewear needs. I’ve included mainly their black ranges as they will continue after the January sale. Look out for their gorgeous new season introducing more colours and styles. I’ve included some links below of their ongoing, activewear essentials but please pop back and check their new ranges coming very soon.

New range can be found here https://www.asquithlondon.com/shop-all/

Another fantastic brand for activewear is Baukjen. Having had lots of experience with this ethical British brand I can confidently recommend their items with the knowledge of how well they are made and how long they last.

Their new range includes gorgeous and practical pieces while also keeping it stylish and fashionable, items you’d feel happy to wear for your choice of activity and perfect to carry on wearing throughout the day. Great for a trip to the supermarket, school pick-up or, (when we can) meet friends for coffee/brunch so multi-functional. From high performance leggings to flattering tanks and hoodies you’ll be spoilt for choice. The perfect example of this is the Brooklyn zip sweatshirt worn with the Brandi pocket leggings in khaki, they make for a great all day outfit. I’ve included a link to their work ethos and environmental targets. Read about the business with a heart and their passions to help protect our planet. https://www.baukjen.com/blogs/journal/our-purpose

To receive a 20% discount on all full price items use the code JLMF20 at checkout.

A British made brand I have newly discovered through recommendation is Exofitness.London. This activewear was invented and designed by Shelley Sinclair and not only are they great pieces, they’re designed to add removable weights, also available on their website. The weights are evenly distributed throughout the body, working on individual muscle groups. Wearing regular wrist and ankle weights can be uncomfortable and awkward to have over your outfit and they add extra strain to these two joint areas. Exofitness.London has solved this problem with their garments and weights.

These items are ideal for anyone wanting to add resistance to their exercise, adding muscle tone and strength to help balance and flexibility. Extra weight helps to increase strength and burns more calories during your activity. When doing any weight bearing exercise, the pull and weight activates more bone cells to be created. This helps reduce our risk of fractures by making the bones stronger and denser. Our bodies are amazing aren’t they! I’ve added links below to some of the these statement pieces. To learn more about this brand click the link below. Exofitness.London

Thanks for reading and hope you’ve found this article useful. Please visit and support the brands I’ve featured and your feedback would be amazing!

Whatever activity you choose to do, stay active, safe and keep smiling!

Stay safe and well,

Celine xx

12 thoughts on “Let’s keep on moving for 2021 – Activewear.

  1. Wow, nice designs but that last brand is really interesting! As a former personal trainer, I’m well aware of the positive effect of resistance training on bone density but have never seen clothing designed to help with this. Thanks for the informative article!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post..so informative! I had never heard of the weighted vest. I’m going to check into that more. Love the concept!


  3. Great article! Didn’t know about the weighted option in activewear. Thank you for the pictures and great descriptions.
    Xx Melanie


  4. Good morning!
    I enjoyed reading about these sustainable brands, and am aware of one from Britian. Do they all ship to the US? I love the olive leggings with the pocket. I know that wearing nice workout wear helps my state of mind. I’ve been enjoying using my treadmill and home gym lately.. its been a bit too cold to walk outside!
    jess xx


    1. Hi Jess, so glad you enjoyed the blog. They’re amazing brands, all created by women which is wonderful isn’t it! Yes I know both Baukjen and Asquith do ship to the US. I couldn’t agree more with you about nice workout wear, it’s an additional feel good feeling that we all need right now. Thanks so much for reading! Celine xx


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