No matter how flawless your make-up is and how good your outfit looks, if your hair isn’t right you just don’t feel right. It all starts with hair health and achieving a shine, no split ends and avoiding frizz or lank hair. After 30 years of hairdressing I thought I’d share a few tips, treatments and products.

The top of the list is to have regular trims, around every six weeks, even if you don’t have treatments and colours applied to your hair, regular drying with a hairdryer, curling tongues and the changes in weather all have a bearing on your hair.

Keeping your scalp healthy is just as important, a dry scalp can lead to dandruff and an itchy scalp leading to weakened hair, so giving the scalp some tender loving care makes a huge difference. Choose an hour or so when you don’t need to go out for a few hours and warm some oil in a bain marie, I like to use coconut oil but almond works just as well, gently massage into the scalp, avoiding adding friction to the roots then ease down the lengths of your hair. A shower cap is a great way too wrap your hair out of the way plus the heat within the cap generated from your body heat will help the oil absorb into the hair. The longer you can leave it on the better it is but once it’s time to wash it off please remember to apply your shampoo before any water. The water acts as a barrier which will then prevent the shampoo from breaking down the oil, this will lead to multiple washes undoing the benefits.


A wide toothed comb should always be used after washing your hair, while it is wet the hairs are weaker so combing it with a brush or small comb will make stretch and snap which adds to a finished style having a frizzy look and reduced shine.


Salon Performance Detangle Comb


Another way to keep your hair strong and in tip top condition is once you’ve shampooed and conditioned your hair finish your final rinse with cooler water. Like rinsing your face with cool water contracts the pores, so making them appear smaller, the same goes for your hair. Cold water helps to seal the hairs cuticle, making it lie flatter which then helps the hair reflect light giving it a lovely shine.



There are many hair care products on the market and we all have our favourite shampoos and conditioners varying in price and what our individual needs are. I have recently discovered a fabulous range called Monat, I used the Revive Shampoo and Revitalize conditioner which boosts volume, moisturises the hair and adds a fabulous shine. What makes these products even better they don’t contain toxic ingredients, they’re cruelty free and a 100% vegan. These products are expensive but you only need to use a small quantity so they will last considerably longer than the products we pick up in our weekly shop. If you want to know more and purchase these items contact by clicking on the link below.


Mystique by Saffy

If you like to use heated stylers, which many of us do, you’ll need to use hair protector sprays as straighteners heated rollers and curling tongs can be very damaging. Find one that is suitable for your requirements, whether it’s for curling or straightening, to reduce frizziness or control the curl, but it can be very confusing with so many on the market. Ask your hairdresser for advice if you’re unsure and if they have products on sale in their salons ask them to use some when styling your hair to give you an idea. I’ve used many heat protector sprays and found one of my favourites is the Elnett Heat Styling spray which I find brushes out easily and doesn’t leave your hair feeling tacky.

Enjoy reading and stay fabulous!

C xx


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