Walking through the Twenties with Tog 24

Tog 24

Hello again and hope you’re all doing well. I thought I’d keep to the active theme as I think this is what we’ve all been focusing on during the lockdowns. It’s been so good to see so many of you appreciating the great outdoors with plenty of walking on the agenda. Nature has certainly played her part in keeping our spirits up. Weekends have been more of an adventure, discovering some beautiful places right on our doorstep and certainly achieving our FitBit steps.

Whilst enjoying a more outdoor life I felt it was the perfect time to talk about an amazing family run business called Tog24. They specialise in outdoorwear that can take you from the hills to the pub with ease. They provide everything from walking gear to the perfect ski holiday essentials, which I’m sure we’ll all be happy to get back to once travelling is permitted. They were founded in 1958 by a gentleman called Donald Ward who was based in West Yorkshire, you’ll spot the fun Yorkshire phrases that appear on their website. He’d started as a millwright, which is someone who maintains mill machinery. In this case, Donald repaired looms in the textile industry until the day he’d learnt enough to set up on his own. Their factory shop started out in Heckmondshire which was very successful allowing them to branch out further. They then started their own chain of stores, which are now selling from over 60 outlets around Britain and Ireland.

Tog24 represents everything that is quality and value whilst ensuring what they produce is the perfect choice for outdoors people like you and I. Their products are consistently designed and made using fabrics that are less damaging to our environment but always introducing new and better options. Their polyester is recycled, melted down from the most common PET (polythylene terephthalate), often found in plastic bottles. Once this is converted into recycled polyester it’s helped to prevent these bottles ending up in the landfill. The polyester they use is easy care, can be washed on lower temperatures therefore avoiding the need for dry cleaning. Tog24 also chooses to use sustainable cotton whilst creating their garments, this addresses many of the social, agronomic and environmental issues that the use of cotton causes. If you purchase one of their waterproof jackets, head to their website to see instructions on how to re-waterproof your coats after washing. That’s why I love Tog24 so much, all your outdoor needs are met!

This leads me to show you just a few of the things that are available from this amazing brand for Spring and Summer. You’ll find everything you need for you and your family for an outdoor life.

Firstly I thought I’d show you just a few of their S/S21 waterproofs, perfect for this time of year and easy to take anywhere with you in case of weather changes. Their jackets and coats come in many colours and cover sizes 8 – 24 and are all true to size and having both a Summer jacket and a Winter one I can highly recommend them.

The above packaway jacket packs away easily and without taking too much room.

Moving on to hoodies, fleeces, sweatshirts, joggers and activewear which are perfect to add to your Spring and Summer wardrobe. Keeping practicality within the styles with fun slogans, vibrant and up to date colours and style ranges. All part of a great range of loungewear and activewear.

They have an extensive range of footwear to suit all terrains and weathers. Their walking boots are a particular favourite, these unisex, waterproof boots and shoes come in a range of colours and guarantee comfort on your travels. You’ll also find comfortable sandals and flip-flops covering your Spring and Summer needs for when we get some glorious sunshine. I’ve listed a few options below but please check out the full range for your whole family.

Just to complete the list of outdoor needs I have included some essentials you may need for the perfect outdoor life. Everything linked to the Tog24 website where you will find many more things to choose from.

I’ve shared below a few photos of me wearing my favourite clothing from Tog 24, all still current favourites.

Thanks for reading and see you very soon!

Celine x

Let’s keep on moving for 2021 – Activewear.

Hello to my wonderful readers and welcome to 2021!

As it is a new year, I thought I’d do a bit of research to bring you information about activewear. Has exercise been one of your New Year resolutions and if so are you managing to keep it up? I was going to talk about exercise options while the gyms are closed but exercising is a personal choice and I’m sure you know what would be your best and most enjoyable activity. Whether it’s yoga, running or an online HIIT as long as we’re moving it doesn’t matter! All forms of exercise release endorphins that make us healthier and help us deal with stressful situations, all helping to increase our general health and well being.

I decided to cover some options of leisurewear from 2 of my favourite brands and one I discovered during my research. Looking online is great but talking to people about their preferences has given me a better idea of what is comfortable and things to look for to ensure longevity in what you choose. There is no better way of finding the perfect items than a recommendation so a huge thank you to all the people I spoke to. When looking for leggings suitable for your exercise you need to bear in mind that they will stretch over time so resist sizing up. Going for a bigger size may lead to them being too stretched and baggy over time. Look for a high waist with a good waistband that lies flat on the torso, avoiding it cutting into your waist. The top half is much easier but weigh up all your options and bear in mind things that might be important to you personally. For example, a pocket for your mobile or a longer length. The items I’ve recommended are versatile, good quality and comfortable to wear. Pieces that can take you from the exercise mat to the great outdoors, just add a hoodie, a pair of trainers, running shoes or walking boots and they’re perfect for whatever activity you choose.

Sustainable brands are something I look for and Asquith are a perfect example. Their sustainable yogawear includes pants are made from Bambor which is a blend of bamboo viscose, organic cotton and elastane. The organic cotton is ethically grown, chemical free and responsibly manufactured earning this brand its GOTS certification. Established in 1997 by a wonderful Turkish businesswoman, the 50-strong team work 8.5 hours a day, have their weekends off and get paid holiday pay. Most of the employees have been there for 10-25 years and everyone is over the age of 23 yrs old. Speaks volumes for a happy working environment.

The happy Asquith team

Asquith covers all your activewear needs. I’ve included mainly their black ranges as they will continue after the January sale. Look out for their gorgeous new season introducing more colours and styles. I’ve included some links below of their ongoing, activewear essentials but please pop back and check their new ranges coming very soon.

New range can be found here https://www.asquithlondon.com/shop-all/

Another fantastic brand for activewear is Baukjen. Having had lots of experience with this ethical British brand I can confidently recommend their items with the knowledge of how well they are made and how long they last.

Their new range includes gorgeous and practical pieces while also keeping it stylish and fashionable, items you’d feel happy to wear for your choice of activity and perfect to carry on wearing throughout the day. Great for a trip to the supermarket, school pick-up or, (when we can) meet friends for coffee/brunch so multi-functional. From high performance leggings to flattering tanks and hoodies you’ll be spoilt for choice. The perfect example of this is the Brooklyn zip sweatshirt worn with the Brandi pocket leggings in khaki, they make for a great all day outfit. I’ve included a link to their work ethos and environmental targets. Read about the business with a heart and their passions to help protect our planet. https://www.baukjen.com/blogs/journal/our-purpose

To receive a 20% discount on all full price items use the code JLMF20 at checkout.

A British made brand I have newly discovered through recommendation is Exofitness.London. This activewear was invented and designed by Shelley Sinclair and not only are they great pieces, they’re designed to add removable weights, also available on their website. The weights are evenly distributed throughout the body, working on individual muscle groups. Wearing regular wrist and ankle weights can be uncomfortable and awkward to have over your outfit and they add extra strain to these two joint areas. Exofitness.London has solved this problem with their garments and weights.

These items are ideal for anyone wanting to add resistance to their exercise, adding muscle tone and strength to help balance and flexibility. Extra weight helps to increase strength and burns more calories during your activity. When doing any weight bearing exercise, the pull and weight activates more bone cells to be created. This helps reduce our risk of fractures by making the bones stronger and denser. Our bodies are amazing aren’t they! I’ve added links below to some of the these statement pieces. To learn more about this brand click the link below. Exofitness.London

Thanks for reading and hope you’ve found this article useful. Please visit and support the brands I’ve featured and your feedback would be amazing!

Whatever activity you choose to do, stay active, safe and keep smiling!

Stay safe and well,

Celine xx

Style With Phase Eight and Damsel in a Dress

We believe you should never underestimate the power of the perfect dress. ~Patsy Seddon. Founder of Phase Eight.

Patsy opened the very first Phase Eight boutique in Wandsworth, London in 1979 and now in 2020, there are 107 stores (the latest being Oxford), and 207 concessions in the United Kingdom. They have also opened four stores in Switzerland with a further 128 concessions around the world.

Phase Eight and Damsel in a Dress are the perfect choice for any woman wanting to find her dream outfit. Whether this is a look for a mother of the bride, a trip to the races or a party, you’ll be spoilt for choice. You will discover flattering daytime and evening pieces, with their stunning array of dresses, jumpsuits, and tops with tailored trousers. Something to cover each and every occasion that will become a favourite in your wardrobe. The dresses range from classic maxis, to fun minis and midis, with stunning prints and quality fabrics. They also have a gorgeous selection of jumpsuits with a choice of full length classics, to culotte and cropped styles. All in beautiful, on-trend colours and prints. Another favourite is their amazing selection of tops and blouses, again available in eye catching prints and ideal to style with their figure flattering jeans or tailored trousers.

Studio 8 is also part of these sister labels, it’s sizes 16-26 provide beautiful garments that are accessible to all women with their flattering and feminine silhouettes.

They have something for everyone and perfect for every age group. I’ve had the pleasure of wearing both Phase Eight and Damsel in a Dress and they are one of my favourites by far. Please join me while I show you just a few of my favourite pieces both current and previous designs that are still available.

Firstly, is this Sierra Linear maxi dress from Phase Eight, in a beautiful cobalt blue flower print. The tie waist gives definition and a perfect silhouette. A gorgeous dress for warmer days and relaxed holidays, whilst looking amazing dressed up or down when adding heels, a blazer, or a denim jacket with trainers.

I have to say the Phase Eight maxi dresses are a favourite of mine; they are a perfect length with fabric that flows elegantly. This Willow striped wrap maxi is another favourite this season, with it’s sleeveless, faux wrap design making it a very flattering style. The striped monochrome print and the tortoiseshell buckle that cinches in the waist, makes it the perfect dress up with tortoiseshell accessories. This beauty certainly covers all occasions making it such a cost effective, timeless investment.

Dressing it down.

I wanted to share another SS20 favourite below, this is the show stopping Daryl pleated maxi dress which featured in the OK magazine. The beautiful and vibrant floral print makes this dress perfect for any occasion. The pleated skirt and wrap style bodice gives you an elegant silhouette, flowing as you walk. One that you will bring out every summer for years to come.

Damsel in a Dress is another brand I’d recommend to anyone who loves a beautiful piece for their wardrobe. Amazing styles and prints that are very on trend, appealing to all age groups and without doubt an investment for your wardrobe.

I was delighted to wear this beautiful shirt below with its eye catching abstract print and array of gorgeous colours. It will without doubt be one you can also wear through autumn and winter by adding jeans, black trousers or a skirt along with a favourite coat or jacket. The on-trend balloon sleeves add to the show stopping design and with beautiful gold buttons. Another timeless addition to any fashion lovers wardrobe.

The Kizzie ruffle shirt is another recommendation, still available and now reduced in price. The colour is stunning, with the ruffles and pintucks as well as flaired sleeve cuffs. Another wardrobe investment that will pay for itself in compliments alone.

Damsel in a Dress also have an amazing array of classic, stylish trousers and jeans, Perfect tailoringtailored to go with the Kelis and Kizzie shirts along with many other shirts and tops. A perfect match would be the black Nina city suit trousers. Ideal paired with heels and smart enough for any special occasion, a definite wardrobe staple.

I’d love talk to you about the Damsel dresses, what can I say, they are stunning! I fell head over heels with their Lanie military dress. This style is an outstanding piece that would instantly have you heading to any occasion and have you feeling confident and sophisticated. The textured loops and metallic fastenings are a feature alone. I’m wearing the navy below, but it’s also available in classic black and also with a limited number of orange left and now reduced.

I’d love to mentioned just a handful of my favourites, take a look while I share a few more ‘love at first sight’ styles from Phase Eight and Damsel in a dress.

I’m sure the items I’ve shared with you will have given you an insight into why https://www.phase-eight.com/ and https://www.damselinadress.co.uk/ clothes are favourites of mine. I’ve given you the links to have a look for yourself as there really are so many beautiful pieces for all. They currently have some fabulous reductions on their Summer items as well as ‘New In’ to have a peruse at your leisure.

I have focused on the current seasons ranges but look out for the autumn and winter ranges. They have beautiful investment pieces for the colder months. Having purchased a camel coat three years ago I can highly recommend an investment piece as it looks as good as it did the day I bought it.

Thank you for reading and I’d love to hear your thoughts on these beautiful sister brands.

Celine xx

Fake It Don’t Bake It

Even in the current times it’s important to feel good about yourself, whether it’s styling your hair or popping your favourite lipstick on, it’s keeping that bit of new normal in your life. For me, it’s having a fake tan. I feel so much more confident in short sleeves or wearing a skirt when I have a bit of colour. But here’s the thing, sitting in the sun to get that amount of colour is damaging to our skin and very ageing, especially on the face. While we still need sun exposure for a natural helping of vitamin D, we must be mindful that we do it safely. This is where a fake tan product comes into it’s own. During my years working as a beauty therapist I professionally trained with a couple of very well-known brands, which at the time were only available to professionals.

I was first made aware of Skinny Tan through watching the programme Dragons Den, I have to say I loved the concept of their business and the products they had created. Since doing my blog and having my account on Instagram I was approached by the company to try one of their tans to review, I was an instant fan! I’ve since been asked to try their latest releases to use and review to my followers with complete honesty. I have to say I love them all, so for this blog I have picked out my absolute favourites to share with you.

Before I talk to you about the products I just want to discuss skin prep. If you want the perfect tan, you always need to prep your skin beforehand. Always shave/wax 24hrs before so the products doesn’t settle in open pores. Exfoliation is paramount. Skinny tan have a great exfoliating mitt which you can use in the shower, perfect for even when you’re not doing a tan as it’s good to remove the dead skin making your skin feel softer and smoother.

Skinny Tan also have a pre primer that you can use in conjunction with your mitt, containing crushed walnut shell ensuring the removal of any dry or dead skin cells. Ideally, this would be done the day before but I have used the tans without using this product and they’ve been just as good.

Once skin prep is complete and you’re ready to apply your tan the one thing I definitely advise you need before you apply is the Skinny Tan Dual Tanning Mitt. This makes application so much easier than using disposable gloves and just pops in your washing machine between uses. Lastly, always make sure you moisturise your hands, feet, elbows and knees, the drier areas where the tan will adhere to and go darker if you don’t.

So now we’ve covered the skin preparations here are my favourite tanning products:

My number one is without doubt the Moisture Mousse Express. It’s so easy to apply with a great base colour which enables you to see where you’ve applied. This time activated mousse can be developed from 1-3hrs meaning no need to sleep in your tanning product, goodbye to messy bed sheets! This is a great product for someone who has never used tanning products before as applying it in the day for an hour is the perfect start and allows you to go for longer if you want to achieve a darker shade next time round. This mousse is designed not to compromise your skins moisture delivering an intense shot of hydration to your skin. With natural extracts of Coconut Water & Aloe Vera along with other nourishing ingredients it keeps you skin looking it’s best.

Wonder Serum is another of my favourites, the perfect leave on treatment that gives anti-aging benefits at the same time as giving you a silky smooth colour to the face and body. Another product I’d recommend to first time tanners as it leaves your skin feeling amazing with none of those drying, tight skin feelings. Again, as with all of Skinny Tan products it smells great unlike many other self tanners and you’re guaranteed up to 14 days of a post holiday glow. It has a good base colour too which washes off once your required depth of tan is ready.

Another great tanning product is the Moisture Mousse, now that they do the express version that will be my go to but if you like an intense colour then you’ll love this version. I tend to keep this on overnight to achieve a deep bronzed colour and I love that it doesn’t leave you with that dry feeling afterwards due to the tan containing coconut water, aloe vera, vitamin E and guarana berries. Again, take care with your hands, feet, elbows and knees because if you don’t ensure these areas are moisturised the colour will be a lot more intense than you desire.

To ensure your tan lasts and looks its best for the longest time (mine has lasted up to 2 weeks) moisturise regularly. It’s the dry, dead skin cells that reduce the length of time your tan can last so applying regular moisturiser will help this. The product I love to use when baring more skin is the Skinny Tan After Glow Gloss which adds that red carpet sheen to your skin.

I’m totally confident in recommending these tanning products, they tick all the boxes of what I love about a brand.

No parabens, no sulphates, no alcohol, vegan friendly and most importantly cruelty free!

If you have any questions about these products that I haven’t mentioned please feel free to drop me a message and I will do my utmost to find the answers for you.

Thanks for reading and happy July!

Celine x

Working from home with Baukjen

Hello my wonderful readers, well I have to say things are very different since I last posted on my blog, I hope you’re all surviving the lockdown and managing to find plenty to keep you occupied. At least we’ve been blessed with some lovely weather so the hour a day of exercise has been far more pleasurable.

I thought it was the ideal time to tell you about one of my favourite brands. Baukjen is a company I got introduced to when I started my Instagram journey and I have to say they are definitely one of my favourites. The clothes are so well made, add comfort to your wardrobe with ultimate style.

They are currently focusing on comfortable wear for working from home or home schooling and the pieces are gorgeous, comfortable but smart enough for Microsoft Teams meetings. I fell in love with their boyfriend jeans which are versatile and the cut and fit is perfect. I teamed up with their classic white Heather shirt in the photo below but they look fabulous with their Boyfriend tees and Safari shirts.

Another of my other favourites has been their relaxed cargo trousers, comfortable and easy to style casually for working from home as well as going around your daily routines. Easy to style with several of their Spring and Summer tops and they also look great with the Oralie Shacket or the gorgous Drake Utility Jacket. My favourite look was teaming the cargo trousers with the khaki Lindon Safari shirt to create the look of a jumpsuit, I added one of their black leather belts to create a waistline and matched it with black boots.

The Baukjen athleisure styles and activewear are a very comfortable alternative for working from home and home schooling along with being ideal to play a huge part in our daily exercise. Perfect for lounging around reading, binge watching our favourite dramas and sharing a pizza with the family. I’m a huge fan of the Palazzo Wide Legged Trousers that I think as well as being perfect for the new way of life we’ve all got to know would look fabulous with a pretty top and blazer for an inspired smart casual look.

Here are a few other perfect athleisure style pieces I think you’d love.

Baukjen casuals are the mix and match to your wardrobe that a pick and mix is to a chocolate lover, a small amount of items that work together will make several stylish looks. Making your wardrobe work for you has never been as easy, dress up or down Baukjen has the looks for you.

Check out the Baukjen website to see their beautiful pieces including gorgeous jewellery to complete your look to perfection. You can recycle your pieces with them by returning your items once you’ve finished with them by sending them back by using the pre-paid postage label that comes with your orders. They will donate your old Baukjen garments to charity extending their life. They also work with their factories to reuse old pieces to create new fabrics for other looks and lastly they recycle old garments in a sustainable way to help our beloved planet. You will receive a one off gift voucher for £20 to use against your next purchase

Thanks for reading and please feel free to contact me about my Baukjen experience or to tell me about yours.

Take care and stay safe,

Celine xxx

Let’s Celebrate 2020 With Colour.

Hands up who is looking forward to Spring and Summer. The relentless February rain has got us thinking of the sunshine, holidays and Vitamin sea.

Firstly, let’s talk about the colours you’ll be seeing on the highstreet in the coming seasons, they’re certainly not for the faint hearted but what an incredible choice you’ll have. Pantone released their plethora of beautifully bold colours while adding neutrals like bright white and ash keeping some classic undertones. Keep your eyes peeled for the beautiful classic blue, saffron and flame scarlett to name but a few. Shades such as Biscay Green, Sunlight and Coral Pink are themed on the beauty of the ocean, imagining the waves, corals and even beach huts just gives you the hints of the Spring and Summer vibes. The great thing is, as well as adding new styles and colours to our wardrobes we’ll all have brightly coloured pieces we can integrate with the new, I for one will be making the most of my blues. Play around with colours, add a bright with another bright and bring in one of the neutrals like brilliant white, beige or ash.

So now let’s talk about one of my favourite things in fashion, prints! Let’s think BOLD, big florals, colourful checks, polka dots and beautifully fabulous rainbow stripes.

The 70’s inspiration on the catwalk as we can see in the return of the flare will also be bringing vibrant tie-dye to our wardrobes, love it or hate it you’ll look fab in this print on your holidays.

Animal prints will still have a place in our favourite looks and although leopard print still has it’s place on the highstreet we’ll be packing a punch with a lot more zebra print. Be loud and proud with it, mix your animal prints and make a statement with your outfit. An animal print also looks fabulous teamed with a bold colour as well the prints themselves appearing in many different shades. Red leopard, blue zebra and pink snake have been gracing the high street over the last couple of seasons.

The big, bold and beautiful florals have me very excited for Spring and Summer, whether it’s in the form of a maxi dress or a gorgeous shirt to go with your jeans. You’ll be treated to florals in many of the colours that feature in Pantones choice of mood lifting colours. I love the rose prints as seen below, with beautiful pinks and reds.

I’m looking forward to featuring some of my finds over the next few weeks with links to the items that feature the above. Let me know what your favourite styles you’re looking forward to wearing over Spring and Summer.

The Perfect White Dresses of Summer 2019

White is a colour some people believe they can’t wear, thinking it makes them look bigger, or drains their complexion. On the contrary, everyone can wear it, you just need to play around with it, have fun and be brave! It can be such a chic look. Add layers to give texture to the outfit or a coloured belt to cinch in the waist and a bold jacket and shoes. Be confident in playing around with this non primary colour, be daring and always think out of the box. Find the right style for you and run with it!

Spring and Summer 2019 has seen some amazing seasonal fashion but I for one have loved the number of fabulous white dresses that have been on the high-street. There has been a style for everyone and the ladies of Instagram have certainly confirmed this with so many stunning photos on their grids!

Model – @the_fashionstalker

Model – @justleftmyforties_

This embroidery anglaise dress from Next featured above on myself and Bev @the_fashionstalker is 100% cotton so a great choice for holidays in the sun and is perfect to dress down by day with strappy sandals and then pop on some heels and gorgeous accessories for an evening of fun and cocktails. At £48 it’s a perfect investment for a Summer wardrobe staple and is a dress that will come out of the wardrobe year after year.

Model – @lovestyle40

This beautiful linen dress from Aspiga is again a perfect dress for the Summer and holidays in the sun. With its gorgeously feminine smock style, ruffles and its luxurious linen it’d be a perfect, floaty investment for days when the temperatures are high. Its elasticated neckline makes it the perfect bardot style dress and as seen here on Joanna @lovestyle40 you can see what a beautiful investment this dress is and again is still available.

Model – @the_stylecat

This gorgeous Topshop linen bardot dress is an absolute winner as you can see here on @the_stylecat She looks amazing in it but if this catches your eye you need to be quick. Now in the sale, reduced from £39.00 to £25.00 with limited sizes but it’s so gorgeous it needed to be shared with you. It’s a great length for the taller of you as Emma pictured here is 5ft 10″ and as you can see it’s a perfect midi length on her. I love the belt on this dress with its raffia buckle accentuating the waist before falling to the perfect mid length dress, it’s a must for time in the sun!

Shop – @southoftheriver.boutique

How beautiful is this dress from the fabulous South of the River Boutique, with its beautiful cut and floaty skirt. The adjustable shoulder straps and its lace and sheer polka dot bodice are so flattering and feminine. It also has a dropped layered detail at the back. A perfect investment at £110.00 to bring out of your Summer wardrobe year in year out!

Model – @dressedtothemax

This beautiful cut work embroidery dress from Zara is currently in the sale, only a couple of sizes are available so you need to be quick to snap up this beauty! This 100% cotton dress is perfect for hot days in the sun as seen here on our lovely model Maxine and with its short sleeves and beautifully tiered skirt it’s an all round winner! Zara dresses are always a fabulous addition to your Summer wardrobe.

Model – @thefword.marianna

This dress is such a gorgeous style on most women, with it’s extremely flattering neckline as we can see on our real model Marianna. It’s currently in the sale and most sizes are still available, it’d be a shame to miss out on this little Summer number!

Model – @adelaknox

This stunning white linen dress is available from by_b.o.y via Instagram and with its beautiful style, sleeves, ruffles and piping it’s definitely one to have you standing out in the crowd as you can see on my fabulous model Adela!

Shop – Very

This contrast stitch, denim pencil dress is a gorgeous choice for the Summer, with its slimming shape and marble buttons it’s certainly a fashion statement. This style of dress would look amazing with a t-shirt underneath, bringing colour to the outfit for anyone who feels all white isn’t for them. It’s a perfect midi length pinafore style, feminine and

Model – @fashionable_later

If an all white dress isn’t for you, one with a pattern is a perfect alternative, breaking up the block colour by finding one with another colour to add detail to draw the eye. This Baukjen Mia shirt dress is the perfect example and modelled here by Rachel from @fashionable_later you can see how the beautiful polka dot print adds the perfect amount of colour to break an all white look.

Below is the Marks and Spencers printed shirt dress which is also a perfect example of one with a pattern with its scarf inspired paisley print. Seen here on our real model Rachel @fashionable_later it fits around the waist beautifully and falls at a perfect midi length, a perfect dress for those of you that prefer a pattern to an all white look.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my beautiful, real models who, you have to admit are perfect in their dresses! Thank you to Bev, Joanna, Emma, Maxine, Marianna, Adela and Rachel for getting involved in bringing you some perfect white dress examples to have in your wardrobes for many Summers to come.

Tis The Season To Wear A Christmas Jumper

You know you love them, we all do and even though they’re short lived in seasonal style they’re fun to wear. We love to have the whole family around on Christmas day and made this our family Christmas dinner theme one year, it was so much fun to see ages ranging from late teens to 80’s wearing a Christmas jumper! 

You can always find a version to suit your taste and style, whether you like glamour and sophistication or straight out crazy and silly, there’s a jumper for everyone! I’ve been looking at an endless range in lots of high street stores and have brought my favourites to share with you.

I’ve started with this gorgeous jumper from M&S which is grey with the embellishments of sequin stars and a moon, to be honest you could definitely wear this without people complaining about the ‘C’ word and comes in at £25.00.

Another one of my favourites is this fun Santa riding on a unicorn, who’s to say he only has reindeer to help him on his merry way!  This jumper costs £26.00 and can be found at Mela London and Debenhams and comes in XS, S, M, L, and XL.

If you’re a champagne lover this Christmas jumper may just be the one for you! In the online description they don’t mention the fun additional feature of lights and who wouldn’t want to twinkle their way through this wonderful season! It’s available from George at Asda and comes in small, medium and large and is £18.00.

I bought this fabulous oversized chunky knit from Evatrend, it’s perfect for this seasons chunky style with a gorgeous traditional reindeer on the front. It’s available in red or green and comes in one size which is ideal for medium,large, extra large and xx large and costs $59.99. It’s designed with an ample full sleeve making it a cosy knit to wear and great for tall ladies with long limbs.

Calling all penguin lovers, here’s one you’re going to adore! This jumper features little penguins in a Christmas tree design, what’s not to love! It’s available from Society 8 which can be found online via Brands at Next and definitely has the cute factor! It comes in sizes 6 – 18 and costs £28 – so for £2.80 per penguin, it’s worth every penny!

This pink, snowflake jumper is such a pretty addition to my choices, it’s the kind of seasonal jumper you can dress up or down. The knit is gorgeous too as it has alpaca wool in the mix giving it that fluffy feel which feels so nice on and the with the addition of sparkly snowflakes, it’s perfect! It’s available from Next and comes in sizes 6 – 22 and is a great price at £28 as I think this one will come out for Christmas year after year!

This Oasis jumper is a beauty in my opinion, it’s such a classy little number in navy with a beautiful stag head. You’ll find this one at Oasis and it’s been reduced from £42.00 to £31.50 and it’s available in xsmall, small, medium, large and xlarge. 

My final choice if you’re a fan of the bardot neckline is this beautiful snowflake jumper with a gorgeous fairisle design from Asos. It’s a soft touch knit with ribbed cuffs and waist and comes in sizes 4 to 18. This gorgeous little number comes in at £25.00 and for such a flattering design is very much worth every penny!

Hope you have enjoyed my choice of seasonal Christmas jumpers, I could have gone on forever as there is so many fabulous designs to choose from. Enjoy this wonderful season and stay fabulous! 

C xxx

Crowning Glory

No matter how flawless your make-up is and how good your outfit looks, if your hair isn’t right you just don’t feel right. It all starts with hair health and achieving a shine, no split ends and avoiding frizz or lank hair. After 30 years of hairdressing I thought I’d share a few tips, treatments and products.

The top of the list is to have regular trims, around every six weeks, even if you don’t have treatments and colours applied to your hair, regular drying with a hairdryer, curling tongues and the changes in weather all have a bearing on your hair.

Keeping your scalp healthy is just as important, a dry scalp can lead to dandruff and an itchy scalp leading to weakened hair, so giving the scalp some tender loving care makes a huge difference. Choose an hour or so when you don’t need to go out for a few hours and warm some oil in a bain marie, I like to use coconut oil but almond works just as well, gently massage into the scalp, avoiding adding friction to the roots then ease down the lengths of your hair. A shower cap is a great way too wrap your hair out of the way plus the heat within the cap generated from your body heat will help the oil absorb into the hair. The longer you can leave it on the better it is but once it’s time to wash it off please remember to apply your shampoo before any water. The water acts as a barrier which will then prevent the shampoo from breaking down the oil, this will lead to multiple washes undoing the benefits.


A wide toothed comb should always be used after washing your hair, while it is wet the hairs are weaker so combing it with a brush or small comb will make stretch and snap which adds to a finished style having a frizzy look and reduced shine.


Salon Performance Detangle Comb


Another way to keep your hair strong and in tip top condition is once you’ve shampooed and conditioned your hair finish your final rinse with cooler water. Like rinsing your face with cool water contracts the pores, so making them appear smaller, the same goes for your hair. Cold water helps to seal the hairs cuticle, making it lie flatter which then helps the hair reflect light giving it a lovely shine.



There are many hair care products on the market and we all have our favourite shampoos and conditioners varying in price and what our individual needs are. I have recently discovered a fabulous range called Monat, I used the Revive Shampoo and Revitalize conditioner which boosts volume, moisturises the hair and adds a fabulous shine. What makes these products even better they don’t contain toxic ingredients, they’re cruelty free and a 100% vegan. These products are expensive but you only need to use a small quantity so they will last considerably longer than the products we pick up in our weekly shop. If you want to know more and purchase these items contact by clicking on the link below.


Mystique by Saffy

If you like to use heated stylers, which many of us do, you’ll need to use hair protector sprays as straighteners heated rollers and curling tongs can be very damaging. Find one that is suitable for your requirements, whether it’s for curling or straightening, to reduce frizziness or control the curl, but it can be very confusing with so many on the market. Ask your hairdresser for advice if you’re unsure and if they have products on sale in their salons ask them to use some when styling your hair to give you an idea. I’ve used many heat protector sprays and found one of my favourites is the Elnett Heat Styling spray which I find brushes out easily and doesn’t leave your hair feeling tacky.

Enjoy reading and stay fabulous!

C xx


Animal Instinct

I’m sure you’ll all be aware that animal print is having an undeniable moment on the high street for Autumn and Winter 18/19. Having always been a fan I’m loving the styles that are available to us and happy to say there are pieces to suit everyone’s price range.

The great thing about these prints is the variation in zoological preference, so there is something to suit all colouring (cool or warm), taste and style. Leopard, tiger, snake, croc and zebra, there is an animal print for everyone. They are also perfect for print clashing by mixing with florals, metallics and many more.


Leopard print can sometimes be on the orange side and if you are cool colouring (fair skin, blue eyes and blonde/light brunette) a beige shade of leopard will compliment your complexion more unless it’s accessories which are away from your face. This revere animal print coat is available from Next and comes in  a regular and tall and at £75.00 is perfect for this seasons trend.


Animal Print Revere Coat

This long leopard print dress from Zara is a perfect addition to your wardrobe and at £39.99 is perfect through autumn and winter, ideal to wear  with a pair of trainers for a casual look or dressed up with boots or heels and a jacket.


Long Leopard Print Dress

Snakeskin print is a huge favourite of mine although it’s advised to wear in moderation, this classy Zara dress is perfect and ideal worn with plain accessories. Again, another addition to your wardrobe to be dressed up or down.


Zara Snakeskin Print Dress

If you are wanting a minimal amount of print and a fun look, this personalised sweatshirt from Hari and the Gang ticks the box and is the perfect casual wear for autumn and winter.

Hari and the gangBlack & Leopard Print Personalised Sweatshirt

If an animal print is too bold a statement for you to wear why not add it with your accessories, shoes, belt, scarf or handbag.

M&S wrap

Animal Print Wrap

Asos Missguided        575-282s

Missguided heeled ankle boots in snake print

Cylinder Heel Boots


Davie – Leopard Double Zip Handbag

Keep smiling and thanks for popping by lovelies,

C. xx